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Willow Flip Dish Warmer

Willow Flip Dish Warmer

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The flip dish wax warmer makes home fragrance a breeze! The flexible silicon dish can be flipped inside-out to easily release cool wax, so you’re ready for a new scent in no time.

• warming plate instead of a bulb
• silicon dish designed for quick and easy clean-up
• indicator light on the back lets you know when it’s turned on
• simple on/off power switch on the cord
• elegant home décor is the hallmark of every Candle Warmers Etc. Product


paraffin/soy blend wax mixed with top quality fragrance


A single wax melt cube, on average, will continue to scent your home for 6-12 hours. Therefore, a wax melt brick will last anywhere from 72-144 hours. This can depend on the scent and the temperature of the wax warmer used.

Care Instructions

For easy clean up, simply reheat wax melt, dispose and wipe warmer dish clean with a paper towel.


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FREE SHIPPING Orders 6+ Wax Melts - Use coupon code FREESHIP